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The ActivPanel Titanium has an ergonomic center console that sits at a comfortable 30-degree angle to
provide quick and easy access to navigation buttons.

1. INSTANT POWER ON: When the proximity sensors detect a person near the ActivPanel, they
immediately initiate the boot up process. Press the Power button once and the screen turns on in less
than a second! Following this, once the panel goes into standby mode, you may tap anywhere on the
screen to turn the ActivPanel back on.

2. VOLUME: The Volume buttons allow you to increase or decrease the audio coming from the bass-
enhanced speakers.

3. PROMETHEAN FLAME: The Promethean Flame button opens the Unified Menu.

4. FREEZE: The Freeze button freezes the current image on the screen.

5. TOUCH: The Touch button allows you to manage panel interaction by turning touch on or off.

6. SOURCE: The Source button allows you to switch to any device that is connected to the ActivPanel.

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