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We are now able to integrate Google Meet into your existing school email calendar.
Below are some screenshots of how you can add the Add-in to your calendar.


Sign in to your school email and open the calendar. At the top right you will see the three dots to select more.



Select Get Add-ins from the options menu.


Type Google in the search box at the top and select “Add” under the Google Meet Add-in option


A new box will appear, select “Continue”


After the Add-in has been installed you will see a Getting started for Google Meet Add-in box. You can close the prompt by using the X at the top.


Now that the Add-in has been installed, you will see a new Google icon in your calendar. Select “Add a meeting”.

A new window will open asking you to sign in to your Mullica Google account. This will only need to be done once.


Now that you have signed into your Mullica Google account you will be able to select the Google Icon and fill in the details. This can be used to set up a quick meeting directly from your calendar. For classroom teachers, the preferred way is still using Google Classroom to send out your Meet links so you can change the meeting ID.


You will also see the new Google icon directly in your new email window for quick access.

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