In a COVID19 world, the Nita M. Lowey 21stCCLC Mullica Township School District ACES Program will offer a combination
in-person AM/Morning 21stCCLC ACES in-person before school program for Hybrid Cohorts A&B (Monday-Tuesday &
Thursday-Friday) and a PM after school (Monday-Friday) 21stCCLC ACES Virtual Program.
AM/Morning ACES Program will start on or about November 9, 2020.
*AM/Morning ACES will operate IN-PERSON 1.5 hours (6:45AM-8:15AM) before school on Monday & Tuesday (Cohort A) and
Thursday & Friday (Cohort B) and provide:
● a breakfast;
● Homework Help and Academic Support;
● Fitness, Yoga/Meditation, Movement Activities.
PM/Afternoon ACES will operate VIRTUALLY up to 2 hours after school Monday – Friday, with pre-filmed activities available
24/7) and provide:
● check-in with the Site Coordinator (3:30PM – 3:45PM)
● assignment to Homework Help and Academic Support breakout rooms w/certificated teachers;
● assignment to a hosted breakout room for Academic/STEM Enrichment;
● student option to select from a menu of either virtual “live” activities or pre-filmed instructional activities/clubs via
Google Classroom/Hangouts and/or Zoom Platform(s).
● Option for “first-registered, first eligible” participation in specialized, limited-seats programs like our planned Futures
First Gaming Club/Team, First Move Chess Club, STEAM FORWARD Academy, Skillastics STEM & Sports Program, and
Mindcraft Escape Rooms.
21stCCLC ACES Program will also provide virtual field trips or virtual themed-family activities on “Wacky Wednesdays”.
These will replace our Fun Friday Programs.
*SATURDAY Family and Community Engagement Events (4-6) will be scheduled. Think “Afternoon at the Aquatic Center”,
“Skating Away Saturday”, an “Amazing Day at the Aquarium”, or “A Day Down on the (Funny) Farm”. Parents may bring a
registered child(ren) and other siblings to enjoy the day as a family, together, hanging out and having fun.
*NOTE: Bus transportation to AM Morning ACES and Super Saturday Events is not currently available at this time.
All activities will follow the Mullica Township School District’s Restart and Reopening Plan,
and will require social distancing and wearing of face coverings.
Nita M. Lowey 21st CCLC Mullica ACES Program GOALS and MISSION STATEMENT
It is our vision to offer high quality, hands on and inquiry based opportunities in an afterschool environment to all registered
participants that will yield improved academic achievement, positive behavior, social interaction and parental involvement
while preparing students for the 21st Century.
The Mullica Township Schools’ 21stCCLC ACES is dedicated to providing a safe environment facilitated by nurturing adults
where opportunities in academic remediation and enrichment, positive youth development, culture and the arts,
health/nutrition/fitness and physical activity are provided. Opportunities and activities and programming for parental
involvement are also offered.
ACES provides the following services to registered students:
• Remediation and enrichment in math, science and language arts
• Tutoring & Counseling
• The Arts: Cultural, Visual and Performing
• Character Education
• Physical Fitness/Health and Wellness
• Technology
Attendance is vital for our ACES Program to receive federal funding. Students are required to “check-in” for program reporting
purposes. Mullica ACES needs 151 students to register a minimum of 30 days attendance to receive continued funding.
Our ACES Program Schedule is based upon the Mullica Township School District Instructional Model approved by the Mullica
Township Board of Education and the School Restart and Reopening Plan for 2020-2021, as submitted to the New Jersey
Department of Education. The 21stCCLC ACES Calendar will mirror the School District Calendar, and is subject to change.
Questions or Comments? Please e-mail: or
Mrs. Barbara Rheault Ms. Christy Rivera
21st CCLC Program Director 21st CCLC Site Coordinator