Starting MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25th, the ACES Monday – Friday 6:30PM buses will be condensed from 3 (THREE) bus routes (Bus A, Bus B, Bus C) to 2 (TWO) bus routes (Activity Bus 1, Activity Bus 2). 

These two routes are the same routes and stops that run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30PM. 

ACES Students will continue to have the option of riding the 4:30PM Tuesday-Thursday buses AND riding the Monday-Friday 6:30PM buses.


NOTE: Activity Bus 1 and Activity Bus 2 DO NOT drop off at student’s normal daily bus stops. The stops (and times) are not the same as the old Bus A, Bus B, Bus C Routes. Parents continue to have the option of signing out their child at the SRO Desk by 6PM if they do not want their child to ride the 4:30PM or 6:30PM Activity Buses.


Our 6:30PM Buses depart the school at 6:15PM. 

Parents/Guardians should arrive at their child’s designated stop at least 10 minutes prior to the “old” arrival time, and expect possible “delayed” arrival of child(ren) of up to 10 minutes as the late bus drivers become familiar with the Activity 1 and Activity 2 routes, stops, and students.