In order to ensure effective collaboration and coordination, with regard to all levels of planning and implementation of this
Safety and Security Plan, the District has established a Safety Planning Committee. This Committee will include the following:

Donna Lesher
Donna LesherElementary School Principal
Maris Lynn
Maris LynnMiddle School Principal
 Scott Sarraiocco
Scott SarraioccoSupervisor of Curriculum & Data
Louis Apalucci
Louis ApalucciTeacher
Mallory Zolinas
Mallory ZolinasCounselor
Jackie Lugg
Jackie LuggTeacher
William Maher
William MaherProfessional School Counselor Anti-Bullying Specialist
Barbara Rheault
Barbara RheaultTeacher
Chief of Police
George (Chuck Brining
George (Chuck BriningElwood Fire Department
Anthony Tomasco
Anthony TomascoElwood Fire Department