As stated in N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8.1, the functions of I&RS are as follows:

  • Identify learning, behavior and health difficulties of students;
  • Collect thorough information of the identified difficulties;
  • Develop and implement action plans which provide for appropriate interventions based on the information collected and the desired results;
  • Provide support, guidance and professional development to school staff to properly identify and implement interventions designed to address student difficulties;
  • Actively involve parents and guardians in the development and implementation of I&RS action plans;
  • Coordinate the services of community-based social and health provider agencies and other community resources;
  • Maintain accurate records of all requests for assistance and all I&RS action plans;
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of the I&RS action plans in achieving the outcomes identified and make modifications as necessary; and,
  • Make recommendations to the school principal for improving school programs and services.